Selling Your Home

Selling a home in Australia can become a daunting task, which can take up most of your time and budget. If you never follow procedures when it comes to this complex exercise you will generally find yourself at a loss.

If you have asked yourself, "What are the most important steps to successfully selling my home?"

We would recommend that you first find out its value. When selling a house, knowing your property's value strategically places you in a position to negotiate for a great return on investment. HomeGuru Australia has mastered the art of property valuation and can assist you with an estimation of your house.

Selling your own home has its added advantages; when you hire the services of a realtor to list your property on the market, you generally put your trust in them to value your property accordingly. However, real estate agents can value your property below its market value, but sell it for more than its actual value, thereby making a sizable commission. Using HomeGuru's property valuation services will put you in a commanding position in terms of selling your own home.

It is a general rule of thumb that knowing an accurate pricing system is the first process you must follow when selling your own home. Once you know how much your house costs you can set your home selling price above or below the actual cost. We intend on helping you conduct a private home selling endeavour by appraising your home with accurate figures. With HomeGuru services selling a home will be that much simpler.

Whether you’re buying, selling, investing or refinancing, let us help you find the value of the property.

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