Property Valuation Toowoomba

Toowoomba house prices have risen steadily over the past few years as this historic city continues to develop and grow into a charming place to visit and to live. Being Australia's second largest inland city and its largest non-capital city, Toowoomba has become the region's centre for business and government services.

The city lies on the crest of the Great Dividing Range at around 700 metres above sea level, and is criss-crossed by waterways. Add to that the more than 150 public parks and gardens that can be found throughout the city and the annual Australian Carnival of Flowers that the town hosts every September and it becomes clear that this city is all about preserving and flaunting the natural beauty that surrounds it.

It's a large city, so Toowoomba property prices can vary considerably according to location and distance from amenities, the CBD and surrounding attractions. Without the knowledge that comes with having a finger on the pulse of this bustling location, it can be very challenging to identify a savvy investment or to establish realistic Toowoomba home prices.

HomeGuru's property appraisal services will take the guesswork out of investing in private, commercial or industrial property in this prominent and ever-growing city. We'll combine our significant knowledge of the local property market with an analysis of nearby developments, supply and demand, location and demographics to provide you with an accurate, detailed and unbiased idea of Toowoomba property prices.

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